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Thank you for renewing your maintenance! Your renewal ensures that you will continue to receive free software upgrades and technical support. In addition, please review the following license information:

  • If your Origin license has an expiration date, you should obtain a new license now that your maintenance has been renewed. You can check if your license has an expiration date by running Origin and selecting Help:About Origin. If you see an expiration time in the bottom of the About Origin dialog, then your license has an expiration date.
  • In addition, you may optionally choose to obtain a new license even if your license is permanent. This is because the Help:About Origin dialog box also shows your maintenance renewal date. If you obtain a new license, the updated maintenance renewal date will display in the About Origin dialog box.

The Node-Locked license system has been updated since Origin 2017 release. If you have a Node Locked license, please follow the instruction below to obtain a new license for your package type:

If you have a Concurrent Network license, please follow the instruction below to obtain a new license:

If you have a Dongle license, no need to update license.

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